HMV – 081E

Overslept a bit today, but once I hit that first cup of joe I was ready to go. Bench Press: 115×10, 135×7, 155×5, 185×5, 205×5, 225x3x8,10. Reverse Grip DB Shrugs: 25x4x25 (100 reps). Standing Cable Wide-Grip Pulldowns: 25x4x25 (100 reps). Cable Face Pulls: 60x4x25 (100 reps). Conditioning 2 rounds: inverted Rows, push-ups, 25# OH plate… Continue reading HMV – 081E


I ended up at training at Primal Strength and Fitness this morning and had a great deadlift session. Thank you to Jimmy for allowing me to drop-in and train today. Deadlift: 135×7, 175×5, 225×3, 265×3, 305×3, 350×3, 395×11. Snatch Grip Deadlift: 205x5x10, 1-Arm DB Rows: 80×8, 85x3x8. Conditioning 3 rounds: Farmers Carries, OH Plate Carries,… Continue reading HMV-081D


Gym tourism today at a new gym out in Lake Country, and I gotta say, I really love this place — too bad it isn’t 15 minutes closer I’d make more training sessions happen there… so much groovy equipment! Squats: 135×9, 185×5, 195×3, 225x5x10 JM Bench Press: 115x3x10. Leg Press: 225x4x25. Cable Lat Pulldowns: 30×40,30,30.… Continue reading HMV-081C


Slept like crap last night! I had zero energy, and desire to train today.  Squat: 115×5, 160×5, 190×3, 225×3, 250×3, 285×9,11. Military Press: 55×5, 70×5, 85×3, 100×3,110×3, 125×7,8,4. DB Shoulder Superset 12x3x10: Lateral, anterior Raises, and bent over Flyes. DB Bicep Curls: 25×20, 30×15, 35×13, 40×10. Conditioning 3×25: inverted Rows, floor push-ups, 25# OH Plate… Continue reading HMV-081B


This week starts my first full week back after last months USA Powerlifting State meet, and I gotta say, I was so happy to get back under the bar with programmed work. Squat: 125×7, 160×5, 190×10. Bench Press: 115×7, 140×5, 170×3, 200×3, 225×3, 255×9,7,4. DB Floor Press: 60×12, 65×10, 70×8, 75×6, 80×10. Incline DB Flyes:… Continue reading HMV-081A