Meet Prep

Training for this meet next week has not been going well so today, instead of going heavy and really close to my attempts, I decided to just hit attempts I know I can make and in competition form. I am glad I did. I now have the confidence I need for the meet next week and I feel like I am back in the groove.

  1. Bench Press: 95×10, 115×8, 135×5, 190×3 (added an additional warm-up set, glad I did), 225×1, 245×1, 285×1.
  2. Deadlift: 135×10, 225×7, 315×5, 405×1, 455×1, 490×1.

Totals: 9,150 lbs. 2 exercises. 13 sets. Self rating: 9/10

Notes: That last deadlift attempt was risky because I was afraid if I didn’t pull it I wouldn’t get the confidence boost I was looking for and it it worked! I feel much more confident that I have the last few weeks and now I am ready for this meet!


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