October 15 Meet Recap

Been so busy almost forgot to write this up. My most recent meet went well considering I had been injured and my power had been down. I only failed one lift, my third attempt bench press, which I knew better. I should have gone much lighter, but I didn’t want to leave anything behind if I thought I could do it.

I managed to cut up the live stream video.

First bench press attempt of 225 lbs (102.5 kg).

Second bench press attempt of 253.5 lbs (115 kg).

Last bench press attempt of 308.5 lbs (140 kg).

First deadlift attempt of 402.2 lbs  (182.5 kg).

Second deadlift attempt of 457.2 lbs (207.5 kg).

Last deadlifts attempt of 501.5 lbs (227.5kg).

All-in-all, I am glad I went. In the open devisions, I received third place finishes for both bench and deadlift. Tomorrow I start training for the next meet January 16, 2016.


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