5/3/1A – Bench – Cycle 3.1

It really felt great to be under the bar this morning after taking a week off and the prior three I had throttled down my training quite a bit, saving myself for my impending meet. I had planned to take a full two weeks off, but since I am now running the 3/5/1 configuration of 5/3/1 with a fourth week deload (since I joined #teamgrayballs), I decided that I didnt need a second week off.

Now that it is winter and I am bulking, I have added BBB as my accessory for this training block. Welcome back chest pump –  you feel great.

  1. Bench Press: 95×10, 115×5, 135×5, 165×3, 190×3, 220×3, 245×8.
  2. Decline Bench Press: 135×10,10,10,10,15.
  3. Barbell Floor Press: 135×8, 165×6, 190×5, 220×3.
  4. Incline DB Fly: 30×16, 35×12, 40×10, 45×8.
  5. DB Farmers Walk: 95 lbs. 45, 40, 35 (seconds).

TOTALS: 18,935 lbs. 5 exercises. 23 sets. 61 mins. RPE: 9/10.

Oh, training, how I’ve missed you. Also, I made some adjustments to my bench and it’s helped quite a bit. I felt tighter and less pain, even though that the crappy power rack at the gym I find very difficult to bench with.


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