5/3/1 – Deadlift – Cycle 3.2

Just was not feeling it today. I got in there, did my strength work, hypertrophy sets, and some curls for the gurls and got out. 5×10 deadlifts, even at 50% of your 1RM kills you dead.

  1. Deadlifts: 135×8, 180×5, 225×5, 275×5, 295×5, 340×5, 385×5.
  2. RDL (BBB): 225x5x10. (RDL’s are so much easier than deficit deadlifts at 5×10.)
  3. Incline DB Curls: 25×20, 30×10, 35×12, 40×40, 45×8.

TOTALS: 22,810  lbs. 3 exercises. 17 sets. 80 mins. 8/10.

Yesterday, I received in my inbox, registration forms for my next meet the 2016 USAPL WI State Open. Got in the mail this morning after my session – a little under 10 weeks away! I will only be competing only in the Open Division because competing by Age (Masters 1) isn’t as competitive with so few lifters – its more of a give me and I want to earn it.


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