5/3/1 – Squat – Cycle 3.3

Felt like on auto-pilot today. Got in, got out before the “crowd” got in this morning – and by crowd two other people as I was walking out the door at 540am.

  1. Barbell Squat: 140×5, 175×5, 210×3, 265×5, 300×3, 335×4.
  2. BBB Squat: 175×10,10,10,10,13 (AMRAP).
  3. DB Goblet Squat: 65x3x12.
  4. Calf Raise on Leg Press: 360x26x18,20,12,10.

TOTALS: 48,345 lbs. 4 Exercises. 19 Sets. 8/10. 56 minutes.

That last heavy volume set of 335 lbs my footing got all wrong. No idea how that happened. Its not  too big of deal, probably just fatigue and the fact my breathing was a bit off.


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