5/3/1 – Row – Cycle 3.3.

You might have wondered why I am splitting off barbell rows as a separate training session. If it wasn’t for a nagging shoulder injury I would be training OHP on this day (or as an accessory to bench day) but I can’t right now. Also, I figured I could use a bigger back and traps because I am #notabodybuilder.

  1. Barbell Row: 135×8, 170×5, 190×5, 215×10.
  2. Pendlay Row: 135x5x10.
  3. Rack Pull to Clean Shrug: 135×12, 245×8, 245×6, 225×8, 225×8.
  4. Standing Rear DB Fly: 45×12, 50×10, 55×10, 60×8, 65×6.
  5. DB Scaption: 10x3x12.
  6. External Rotation: 10x3x10.

TOTALS: 23,870 LBS. 6 exercises. 22 sets.  56 minutes. 8/10.

IDK, but the Rack Pull to Clean Shrug, I am doing all wrong. I’ve been attempting to get a jump and push my body into triple extension but I can’t so screw it. From now on,  I will do a heavy rack pull to shrug — but I gotta admit it, I will miss trying to jump with the weight — you feel kinda badass doing it.


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