5/3/1 – Push/Pull Deload 2 – Cycle 3.0

This was a really difficult workout today for some reason, but I got it done. Today, also marks the return of OHP after about a half a year not doing it (shoulder issues) and I gotta say, I throughly enjoyed it. I think I finally get this lift.

  1. Squat: 140×5, 174×5, 210×5, 175x3x10
  2. Deadlift 135×10, 180×5 225×5, 275×5, 225x3x10.
  3. OHP: 45×10, 65×5, 85×5, 100×5, 85x3x10.

TOTALS: 23,550 LBS. 3 Exercises. 26 Sets. 49 mins. 9/10.

Everything felt heavy today, so I guess I am lucky that I won’t be lifting again until next Tuesday — a nice 5 day break from the grind without missing any training time. Win.


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