5/3/1 – Squat – Cycle 3.5

Even though I just did high volume work on Friday morning, I am attending an USAPL lifting clinic in Madison this coming Saturday so I’ve adjusted my training schedule this week to allow me to go in rested as possible. Also, since I’m so frustrated with the lack of equipment at the Anytime I normally train at, I went to the new one just 20 minutes drive away through deer infested woods.

  1. Barbell Squat: 145×10, 180×5, 215×3, 250×3, 290×3, 325×8, 250×8 (FSLS).
  2. BBB Barbell Squat: 215x5x10. (These were a real grinder.)
  3. DB Goblet Squat: 65x3x12.
  4. Calf Raise on Leg Press: 3560×20, 16,18, 15, 20.
  5. BB Hip Thrusts: 135x5x10.

TOTALS: 58,215 LBS, 5 Exercises. 25 Sets. 87 mins. 9/10.


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