531 – Bench – Cycle 3.5

On my drive to this other Anytime today, I saw two deer and a field mouse scurry across the street. I don’t know why this is, but whenever I see a mouse motor across the speedway at their top speed, it always serves as an example to me of motivation. I was motivated today to lift, even if my sleep wasn’t so good last night.

  1. Bench Press: 95×10, 115×5, 140×5, 195×3, 225×3, 250×7, 195×12 (FSLS).
  2. Decline Press (BBB): 165×10,10,10,9,10.
  3. Pin Press: 140×10,  165×6, 180×5, 215×3.
  4. DB Incline Flies: 50×12, 55×7, 60×6, 65×3.
  5. Farmers Walks: 95 lbs x 50,33,36. (Seconds).

TOTALS: 21,915 LBS.  5 Exercises. 24 Sets. 72 mins. 9/10.

All-in-all not a bad early morning in this new gym — which gets quite busy by the time I leave there. Whew. I don’t like to share.


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