5/3/1 – Bench Press – Cycle 3.6

After coming off Sunday’s new PR of 315 lbs, I was looking forward to getting in there this morning. I overslept a bit, but no worries, made it in and was under the bar by 430am. Go me.

  1. Bench Press: 110×5, 140×5, 165×3, 180×5, 210×5, 235×9. (Was only going to do the minimum five reps, but whatever.)
  2. Decline Press  (BBB) 165×10,10,10,10,9. (Missed one last rep again! Damn!)
  3. Incline DB Flies: 50×10, 55×8, 60×7, 65×6.
  4. DB Floor Presses: 55×10,8,7.
  5. DB Farmers Walk: 50,45,45. (Seconds)

TOTALS: 17,435 LBS. 5 Exercises. 21 Sets. 9/10. 75 mins.

With today’s benching I really worked on tucking my elbows in — it’s just not a natural way for me to bench– but early returns indicate that this slight mechanical adjustment will be better for me. The gym was quite busy this morning too, trainers training trainees and bro’s doing all sorts of curls in matching shoes and gym outfits, while I was farmer walking around with my deadlift face.

I am so looking forward to squatting tomorrow morning.



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