5/3/1 – Rows – Cycle 3.6

I attempted to hit my back hard today and pretty much tripled the work I usually do on it considering last two weeks I had throttled down the work because with everything going on.

  1. Barbell Row: 90×5, 115×5, 140×3, 1505x, 170×5, 195×10.
  2. BBB Barbell Row: 140×10,10,10,10,13 (AMRAP).
  3. Rack Pull to Shrug: 140×12, 225×12, 315×6,6, 365×6, 315×6, 225×12.
  4. Meadows Rows: 45×12, 90×6,6,6,5. (I didn’t count the weight of the bar. Should I have?)
  5. 1-Arm DB Rows: 100×10,10,10.
  6. Rear Delt Flies: 35x, 40x, 45x, 50x.
  7. Scaption: 12×12,10,10.
  8. External Rotation: 12,8,8,8.

TOTALS: 35,077 LBS. 8 Exercises. 33 sets. 78 minutes. 9/10.

I think I missed one-arm db rows. Next up on Saturday are deadlifts. I already have my clothes laid out and ready to go.


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