5/3/1 – Bench Press – Cycle 3.7

Last night, at exactly 12:38 am I was stricken, stricken with a cold. Luckily, its only sinus cold and not respiratory or do I have a fever. I did spend the rest of my night on the sofa, so I could keep my sinuses from choking and smothering me. From all the nose blowing, I look like Rudolph now. Merry Christmas! Anyway, if the band can manage to still play as the Titanic sinks underneath them, I can make this workout.

  1. Bench Press: 95×7, 110×5, 140×4, 165×5, 210×5, 235×3, 265×6. (I was happy to meet my rep goal. I had another in me, but being sickish I decided no.)
  2. BBB Bench Press: 165×10,10,10,10,11 (AMRAP).
  3. Pin Press:  135×8, 190×6, 220×4, 255×0. (Done in aprox. 10% incriminates based on my true max.)
  4. Incline DB Press: 50×12, 55×10, 65×8, 70×4.
  5. DB Floor Presses: 55×8,6,7. (Last set felt really good/strong.)
  6. Farmers Walks: 95×49,49,40 Seconds.

TOTALS: 20,080 LBS. 6 exercises. 26 Sets. 88 minutes. 9/10.

Last week’s bench press, I worked on tucking the elbows in more. I wasn’t totally convinced so I did some more research and after reading this article by the Strong AF lovable-teddy-bear-smart-as-all-get-out Greg Nuckols (I know… my man-crush is showing), I’ve decided to go back to slightly flaring my elbows in the press and I’ve added a new cue. Instead of “trying to pull the bar apart” I drive my arms “into the bar.” I find that really activates my triceps and my pecs. I looked at some older video of myself benching and this is exactly how I had benched in the past. This feels natural, reduces shoulder pain, and I am stronger off my chest and in the lockout.

After this week I have two quick push/pull deloads next week and then I begin focusing in on my attempts for my next meet, throttling down the volume/exercises, and increasing the recovery and rest.


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