5/3/1 – Deadlift – Cycle 3.7

Rather cranky sore this morning and still feeling the affect of a cold, but after about 20 mins of stretching and rolling I was ready to go.

  1. Deadlift: 135×8, 185×5, 230×5, 280×3, 350×5, 395×3, 440×5. (Missed rep goal by -2.)
  2. Deficit Deadlift (BBB): 280×10,10,10,10,10.
  3. EZ-Curl Spider Curls: 75×12, 95×10, 115×10, 135×8, 165×6, 175×5, 185×4, 165×5, 75×18.
  4. Incline DB Curls: 20×25, 25×20, 30×15, 35×10.
  5. DB Tricep Extensions: 15×12,12,12.

TOTALS: 33,633 LBS. 5 Exercises. 28 sets. 75 mins. 9/10.

The reason why I even bother with any bicep work is that after running BBB on deadlifts I am too exhausted to do anything else, but have time left over in the gym to spend, so why not do something relatively easy and fun? Besides, I hate to lose all the development that I previously put into them. Anyway, that concludes that block of 5/3/1, next week I start all the pre-meet training leading up to the next meet. Yay!


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