Pre-Meet Programming

Since I was asked a few times, I thought I’d post up my pre-meet programming. This programming is somewhat based on Jim Wendler’s “531 for Powerlifting” but modified for my own peculiarities. Other than weekend of week 2 and week 4, all sessions are organized in push/pull format.


For week 2, I am meeting some friends for a session and in past meets I’ve always done a run-through — a preflight if you will — a few weeks out. Why? Mostly for confidence. Running only singles is not enough to create that much fatigue, but it does help with technique, and this time around I don’t intended to go to my last desired attempt for each lift, just stay slightly under. The page below I will also use as a plan for meet day on January 16, 2016. One note, you can never anticipate how you will feel meet day. I might have that famous “platform bump” or go in feeling shitty-weak  so I’ve added in a few extra attempts as back-up.


On week 4, I will do my warm-ups and just my warmups and on one day.


What I am not showing is some of the extra walking, plus all the stretching, foam rolling, and selected yoga that I will be doing replacing my regularly scheduled workouts.


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