Meet Prep 1.1A

I hate oversleeping and hate it even more when I am sleepy and still want to go to the gym. The mind is willing when the body isn’t. In that case, I’d rather both be tired and not willing to go in — wave the white flag and go back to bed — but I didn’t this morning.

  1. Bench Press: 95×7, 115×5, 135×5, 175×3, 205×3, 235×3, 265×1. (Last set with commands.)
  2. Barbell Row: 95×7, 115×5, 140×5, 140×10,10,10. (Finishing out the deload week.)
  3. DB Floor Presses: 80×4,3,3.
  4. Hinge Rows: 8,8,7.

TOTALS: 11,665 LBS. 4 exercises. 29 sets. 9/10. 70 mins.

I was reading an article this morning on the hinge row and I think I remember Dana doing these so I gave them a shot. I really like them. Don’t you love it when you expand your training vocabulary? I know I do.


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