Meet Prep 1.1B

Weights were heavy this morning! This was supposed to be a deload week, but my schedule really didn’t allow it. Good thing that I am tapering down now to 2 or 1 days a week which will give me extra time to recover for the next session. My next heavy session won’t be until Jan 2nd, a week from this Saturday, where I preflight my attempts.

  1. Squat: 135×7, 225×3, 265×3, 305×3, 345×1, 345×1. (I did an extra single. Reason explained below.)
  2. Squat walkouts: 405×1, 435×3, 475×3. (Walkout, lock knees, walk back.)
  3. Deadlift: 135×3, 225×3, 290×3, 340×3, 395×3, 445×1, 445×1.
  4. Deficit deadlifts: 290x3x10.

TOTALS: 18,015 lbs. 4 exercises. 19 sets. 8/10. 70 mins.

I completely forgot my knee sleeves. I did bring my belt, but only used it on that last squat set of 345, I figured it was a good opportunity to go at it this morning completely raw. (I only wear a belt deadlifting if I am feeling extra back soreness otherwise I prefer to deadlift without a belt.) My knees were wobbly fierce!


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