Technique Work: Grind that Grindy Bench Press Groove White Boy

I got up this morning and re-watched Dave Tate’s “So you think you can bench press” series on YouTube and some other technique videos and as I am sitting there drinking my coffee, I am thinking that even though Tuesday session was good and I got to lift some heavy weights (up to 285 lbs… Continue reading Technique Work: Grind that Grindy Bench Press Groove White Boy

Benchtallica: Bench Days Revisited

Sitting at work thinking to myself after this morning’s disappointment after deciding to return to my old hand position on the barbell, I should go into the gym, over lunch, and test it. Bench Press:  115×5, 135×5, 225×2 (paused), 250×1 (paused), 265×1 (paused), 285×1 (paused), 300×0 (paused).  Even though I failed the last attempt, I could at least press… Continue reading Benchtallica: Bench Days Revisited

Freestyle Hypertrophy Day 1

I love my schedule and when I train. I love my routine and when I am not following my routine I go full-on sad panda route. I awoke at 3am wanting to lift and lift badly, even though I should be resting. Therefore, this morning’s mission was to go light, high reps — basically do some… Continue reading Freestyle Hypertrophy Day 1

USAPL 2016 Wisconsin State Open Meet Recap

After 11 weeks of training since my last October meet in Lombard, IL (push/pull meet) and the two other push/pull meets I had competed in to prepare myself for this big meet, the day had come to put all that training and planning up on the platform. For the previous two weeks, I had been cutting to help improve my Wilkes… Continue reading USAPL 2016 Wisconsin State Open Meet Recap