New Years Eve Deadlift Meet

Damn that was fun. Got there at 6pm, introduced myself and weighed in at 214 lbs. Winter holiday meals sure have been good to me.

First Attempt: 445 lbs.

Second Attempt: 480 lbs.

Third Attempt: 515 lbs. (PR.)

That was great. It was a 10 lbs. improvement over my last platform best and the weight I was planning on pulling at the State Meet. At this point I felt like, what the hell, load the bar up again. 525 lbs. (PR.)

I knew I didn’t have much left in the tank, but, go for it: 540 lbs.

I yelled jerk at the bar. I did get it maybe an inch off the floor, but I just couldn’t get it to move up any further.

My back is a littler sore after that, but nothing that can’t be fixed with a little rest and rolling. Overall, this tiny small New Year’s Meet was great. The eight of us who did lift set new PR that day. One of the liters, a female in her early twenties maybe late teens, pulled three plate that night after encouragement. Another guy there pulled 3.5 times his body weight at 178 lbs! Pretty cool. And, the gym owner, Jimmy Brooks, a really great guy. I hope to drop in at his gym from time to time to get some lifting in, schedule willing.


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