Freestyle Hypertrophy Day 1

I love my schedule and when I train. I love my routine and when I am not following my routine I go full-on sad panda route. I awoke at 3am wanting to lift and lift badly, even though I should be resting. Therefore, this morning’s mission was to go light, high reps — basically do some hypertrophy work and pump some blood back in those muscles. Coming off this weekend’s meet I didn’t want go heavy and I figured today would be a good time to dust off my DIY bamboo bar and give it some work.

All sets AMRAP.

  1. Dumbbell Bench Press: 30×40, 40×25, 50×20, 70×10, 70×10, 70×9, 50×15, 40×13, 30×19.
  2. Dumbbell Decline Flies: 25×30, 30×12, 35×12, 40×10,8,7.
  3. Bamboo Barbell Press: 66×20, 70×12, 105×6,6,5, 70×11,11,10.
  4. Barbell Row: 135×20,12,12,10,10.  Superset with…
  5. Dumbbell Row: 100×8,8,8,8,10.
  6. Chin-ups: 4,6,5.

TOTALS: 28,825 lbs. 6 exercises. 36 sets. 8/10. 90 minutes.

I ran a little longer than usual chatting with the bros, but I feel pretty awesome and I kinda of miss feeling that pump.


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