Freestyle Hypertrophy Day 3

Got up late, but made it under the bar on time. I basically just hit shoulders this morning, because, well… can’t really hit anything else and I really should be adhering to tapering, considering my next meet is less than three weeks away.

  1. Rack Pulls to Shrugs: 135×12, 225×8, 315×6, 365×5, 315×6, 315×7, 275×11, 275×10.
  2. Seated Dumbbell Press: 20×20, 40×12, 50×10, 60×8, 70×5, 40×8,8,8.
  3. Bent-over rear Dumbbell Flies: 25×16, 30×12, 35×10, 45×6, 30×10.
  4. Cable Face Pulls: 80×15, 90×15, 100×12, 110×10, 120×8.
  5. Seated calf raises: 90×12,12,10,12,10.

All-in-all, this was actually a fun workout — just working a bunch of light volume and with dumbbells which I seem to use in my training less often. I will have to correct that in my next training block.

Next week I am going to run my lifts: warm-ups and up to my first attempt of 85% on Tuesday morning. After that its back to walking, stretching, rolling and some yoga while cutting my body weight to improve my Wilkes for February 6th weigh-in.


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