Benchtallica: Bench Days Revisited

Sitting at work thinking to myself after this morning’s disappointment after deciding to return to my old hand position on the barbell, I should go into the gym, over lunch, and test it.

Bench Press:  115×5, 135×5, 225×2 (paused), 250×1 (paused), 265×1 (paused), 285×1 (paused), 300×0 (paused). 

Even though I failed the last attempt, I could at least press it up half way up. This is going to work. I may not be able to match my last platform best of 305 lbs, but at least I will be closer to my old best attempt which will make me a very happy boy indeed. I am also going to remove the 95 and 115 lb warm-up sets. I put those in when I was injured last year and never removed them. I find that they unbalance me moving into the heavier sets. Once I place 135 lbs — one plate on the bar — my form cleans up.

Hopefully, I’ve unbroken my bench.



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