Meet Prep 2.0

My next meet is February 6th. I know, its crazy, but I figured, WTH, I will maintain my strength and give it a shot coming three weeks off my last meet. shirts_n-SINGLEToday, I ran warm-ups and attempts on squat and bench, and deadlift, I just lifted up to five plates. I wanted to touch some heavy stuff to maintain some confidence in my strength.

Squat: 135×8, 225×5, 315×3, 355×1, 410×1 (PR). Last set puts me somewhere between my second attempt (185kg/407.9 lbs) and last attempt (187.5kg/413.5lbs). It moved really well. Really well.

Bench Press: 95×7, 115×5, 135×3, 225×1 (paused), 250×1 (paused), 285×0. My bench is broken. I am returning to my wide-grip (middle-finger on rings). I am much stronger in this position and my shoulders are fine. I’ve lifted 285, with pause, in training many times.

Deadlift: 135×5, 225×3, 315×1, 405×1, 505×1. Went a little off script. I wanted some heavyish work to keep my confidence up.

Anyway, I am headed back to the gym this afternoon to work on my bench after some refueling and some rest at work. (Ha!) I double-checked USAPL/IPF regulations on maximum hand width (just in case) and where I traditionally place my hands is within legal limits, which is good, because my platform best (non-sanctioned meet before I changed my grip width) was 305 lbs/138kg.


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