Technique Work: Grind that Grindy Bench Press Groove White Boy

I got up this morning and re-watched Dave Tate’s “So you think you can bench press” series on YouTube and some other technique videos and as I am sitting there drinking my coffee, I am thinking that even though Tuesday session was good and I got to lift some heavy weights (up to 285 lbs successfully) but have I really re-established my groove? With that thought in mind I went into the gym this afternoon to grind it back in.

BENCH PRESS: 135×14 (speed), 10, 10 (first 5 reps speed, last 5 reps paused), 225×6,6 (paused), 255×3 (paused – probably should have skipped this set), 135×15 (first 10 reps speed, last 5 reps paused), 10, 10, 11, 10, 10, 9 (paused).  Afterwards I walked a mile.

I skipped the 95 and 115 lbs warmup (including any stretching) that  I had started doing after an injury some time ago. I came in tight. Did I accomplish my mission? Yes I did. I feel very confident that I won’t have to find my natural bench groove that I had first ingrained in myself decades ago – it’s back! And those two paused sets of 6 reps of 225 lbs felt really good, like, almost better than sex good.

Bah! Who I am kidding it felt better than sex. #priorities


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