2016 USAPL Pure Fitness Open Results

I feel like I redeemed myself at this meet, compared to State Open just three weeks prior. I weighed in at 93.5kg (about 206 pounds) and I barely made the bottom of the 105kg weight class. I was a little worried about that because when I weighed myself before leaving the house, I was 204.4 lbs — just at the top of the 93kg class and not safely in the 105kg class. Thankfully, a trip to McDonalds for breakfast, some snacks when I got there, and 32oz of water got me to where I needed to be.

Anyway, here’s how I did on the platform.


  • Squat 3/3: 160/182.5/187.5kg (413 lbs) USAPL Platform PR.
  • Bench Press 3/3: 112.5/120/135kg (297 lbs) USAPL Platform PR.
  • Deadlift 3/3: 202.5/227.5/232.5 (512 lbs) USAPL Platform PR.

I went 9/9 and had only one red light whole meet on my second bench attempt. Other than finally nailing a 2x bodyweight squat, having the success I did with bench press was exactly what I needed to cement in my restored confidence in that lift.

What was really cool during the meet that after I walked off the platform from my first bench attempt, the meet director informed me really quickly that it was a pretty marginal lift and the other ref next to her agreed as well. With that feedback it really helped me refine my strategy on my next two bench attempts. That was pretty awesome of them to help me like that. Also the ref’s there, since they are also powerlifters, were very cool and encouraging.

It was a small meet of only 17 people. All-in-all, I took first place in the Master Ib division, but since I was the only person in that division… lol. I finished with a total of 555 kilos (1,223. lbs) lifted and a Wilks score 347.76. 6th place finish. In my weight class I finished 3/3. Ha!

My next meet is 10 weeks away. I hope to share the platform with a couple of meet-buddies at that one.


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