New Program Test Drive – Day 2

Overslept this morning… must be because I am getting back into the training groove again. Still, after a glazed cinnamon roll and a coffee made it under the bar in time for test drive of day 2. Also, on the this morning’s manifest was to test OHP since I am bringing that back into my program, once a week, after an injury shied me away from it for a few months.

Squat (M): 135×7, 150×5, 185×5, 220×3, 260×3, 295×9. (AMRAP), 185×10,10,10.

PUSH PRESS: 70×7, 90×5, 105×5, 125×1, 145×1, 165×1, 185×0, 175×1. (New 1RM).

Dumbbell Floor Press: 65×8,8,8,12 (AMRAP). Superset with..

Standing Rear DB Flyes: 20×12, 25×10, 30×8, 35×8.

Decline Exercise Ball Push-Ups: 15.

Inverted Rows: 12, 3.

Smith Machine Calf Raise: 15,15.

TOTAL: 23,285 lbs. 7 exercises. 30 Sets. 10/10. 75 mins.

I am glad I am doing this preflight. I can see what tweaks and embellishments I need to make before getting on program next week.


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