New Program Test Drive – Day 5

Today is the final test drive of my new program. I was pretty tired and almost didn’t go in, but, of course, I got in.

  1. Dumbbell Push Jerks: 12×30,30,30,30. 20×12. I did these as a warm-up and between the first few bench press sets. I love these and will be using them as a component in a  warm-up circuit that includes band face pullers.
  2. Bench Press (M): 115×10, 135×5, 170×5, 200×5, 225×12 (AMRAP). 140×14,12,10 (AMRAP).
  3. Reverse Grip Bench Press: 95×10,10,10. These won’t be in my program — I don’t think — but I wanted to try them out. Kinda dig them.
  4. Rack Pull to Shrug: 135×12, 165×5, 195×6, 230×5, 265×5, 295×11 (AMRAP), 230×7.
  5. Dumbbell Flyes AMRAP: 45×20, 14, 12.
  6. Hip Thrusts: 135×12, 225×8,8,8,12 (AMRAP).
  7. Push-ups: 15
  8. Chin-ups: 7,5,4.
  9. Smith Machine Calf Raises: 180×15,15.

Today marks the end of my association with the Bodyspace app. I’ve recorded over 440+ workouts there since March 2013 and over 10 million pounds lifts and 80 some hours of cardio. My complaints with that crappy app are many and my patience is spent. Can some one recommend another app? For iPhone, ideally under $5, where I can export data, design workouts and programs, sync to my calendar and without a social media aspect — or one you can option out of. Otherwise, I will go back to paper, like I did in the 80/90s. Never fails. (Unless you leave your journal at home.)


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