041E – 531 – HMV

This Sunday morning marked the 6th day in a row that I have been in the gym, with a somewhat unplanned CrossFit workout yesterday afternoon where I have fallen in love — not with CF — but with Wall Balls. Oh I got to get me some.

  1. Bench Press (M): 135×9, 150×5, 170×5, 200×3, 225×8,8,8,9. (Might bring 4×8 back on these days moderate days.)
  2. Reverse Grip Bench Press: 95×12, 115×12, 135×10, 185×6.
  3. Rack Pull to Shrug: 135×10, 165×10, 230×6, 265×5, 295×8, 230×10.
  4. DB Flyes: 45×12,12,12,20.
  5. Reverse Hyperextension: 45×12,10,10.
  6. Push-Up: 20,20 reps.
  7. Chin-up: 8,7,8,5,4.

TOTALS: 36 sets. 447 Reps. 41,9111 lbs.

I decided to keep the reverse grip bench press to not only have some variety in my bench pressing this block, but to satiate my inner-Arnold. I was reading (and I am lazy to find the link) that reverse grip is not only easier on the shoulders (since I bench 3x a week now) but creates more muscle activation in the upper chest. I dig ’em.


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