042D – 531 HMV

I am not sure what it is, but lately, I’ve been dreading deadlift days. Is it because of that long taper and the lack of heavy, high reps? Pretty sure it is. I am going to have to make some programming alterations — probably delete RDL on the first day of the week.

  1. Deadlift: 135×7, 190×5, 235×5, 285×5, 335×5, 405×5.
  2. Deficit Deadlift: 240x5x10. (+5 pounds.)
  3. 1-Arm DB Row: 100x3x8.
  4. Decline Push-up: 25,15.
  5. Inverted Row: 12,10,10,8.

TOTALS: 21 sets. 186 reps. 22,695 lbs.

Really feeling it today. On deadlifts, I really concentrated on reseting before each pull as I am finding that I beginning to develop this tendency of rounding my back when I am pulling more than one rep — which is why I filmed myself from the side today.  Verdict: I have some work to do. Also, since I was beat, I skipped one set of 1-Arm rows and Farmer’s Walks.

Later this morning I take my daughter to swimming lessons — crisp cold water of the Olympic lap pool here I come!


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