Testing out Atlas Stones at Primal Strength

Today I made the hour trip west to Stoughton, Wisconsin to do my first ever Atlas Stone lifts at Primal Strength & Fitness. I received excellent instruction from the gym owner, Jimmy Brooks. You will hear him in the background.

Second series.

Third Series:

Jimmy said I was a natural at this. To you the truth, these lifts felt like stacking hay when I was a still a kid.

Last lift, 200b/91kg.

On this last lift, I bruised my chest and after that I called it quits. No need to push it and aggravate it even more. This experience was really awesome and I am hooked. The gym owner asked me to join the Primal Strength Team for a strongman meet in Madison in May. I am considering it — the only barrier will be making it up there every Sunday to do the required training. But I loved this. I loved all of this.

Should you try strongman lifts? Yes. yes you should.


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