Rehab Day 1

I haven’t posted in the last week because last Sunday when I lifted the Atlas Stone of 200/91 my chest, in the left upper center, I received an injury. X-Rays revealed no broken bones, leaving soft tissue damage. I’ve been taking NSAIDs twice a day and in the last week the pain has been decreasing with a slight spike Wednesday when I got in a car accident and totaled my car. I never saw the other car speeding through behind the other line of cars as I crossed the intersection.


I pick up my new car today.

Anyway, woke up and felt pretty good, decided to start rehabbing.  Warmed up with a half a mile walk — that’s all the boredom I could stand.

Then, I followed the advice of this website on pec/chest rehab and ran these stretches as well as stretching my whole body and dedicating some time to my shoulders using band, body and the “furniture.” Yes, there was some pain.


Feeling a little upbeat, I decided to squat — no belt or knee sleeves since I wasn’t intending to do any powerlifting today.

  1. Squat: 135×8, 225×8, 315×4, 225×8, 135x3x10. Really felt the activation in my upper hamstrings.
  2. DB Floor Press: 20×10, 40×12,14,12. My idea was to keep them light and work on muscular endurance.

When I get back to training, I am going to have to knock my max lifts down a bit and recalibrate my training max. The squats were really hard and almost demoralizing. This injury could take anywhere from 2 to 6 weeks to heal. Bench Press is definitely out and any overhead or push press out too. But squatting I think I can do and I might be able to deadlift, otherwise, I will have to consider using machines. Later today, I take my daughter to swim lessons — cold water of the Olympic lap pool here I come. The cold water soak is always restorative to me.

Dear FSM, please no machines.



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