Tuesday Workout (1A)

With this chest injury I really can’t do any pushing or pulling with the upper body. I can squat, so in the meantime I will be squatting a lot, like five times a week. I am keeping the weight down to under 85% for the time being to not further aggravate my chest injury.

The X-Ray revealed: “CLINICAL INDICATION: “Other chest pain [R07.89 (ICD-10-CM)] pt sts he was lifting an atlas stone 3/13/16 when he felt a pain in center of chest that has continued.  FINDINGS: PA and lateral views of the chest are submitted. The cardiac size and mediastinal silhouette are normal. The pulmonary vascularity is normal. There is no focal infiltrate, pleural effusion or pneumothorax. The bony structures are normal.”

  1. Squat (L): 135×10, 150×10, 185×8, 225×8, 150×15.
  2. DB Shoulder Press: 35×12, 35×12, 40×10, 45×10.
  3. DB Side Lateral Raises: 12x3x12.
  4. DB Curls: 20×20, 15×25, 30×10, 35×8.
  5. Tricep Cable Kickbacks: 20×12, 20×10, 15×10. 15×10.
  6. Smith Machine Calf Raises: 180×20,10,10,10,10.

TOTALS: 25,752 LBS. 29 sets. 339 reps

Curls. I haven’t curled in such a long time. I feel, feel… like a bro. Like a typical gym rat.


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