Wednesday workout on Friday (1B)

Been a tough, painful week. Chest in a lot of pain and my usual over-motivated self has been uncharacteristically unmotivated. Chest really hurts! I mean really, really hurts and just getting out of bed in the morning or sneezing is the worst! However, I still have full ROM and for the heck of it I did a push-up yesterday. I feel like I could even bench press, but out of caution I won’t. I don’t understand this chest injury and it is not a pec tear, the usual tell-tale of bruising on behind either one of the upper arms is not there.

Anyway, feeling motivated and with a shorter day at work for Good Friday, I made it to the gym this afternoon.

  1. Squat (H): 135×8, 150×5, 185×5, 225×4, 260×3, 295×3,  330×5, 260×12 (FSLS), 185×10.
    It took some adjustment in my set-up to be able to squat, but once I found it, it was good.
  2. Seated DB Shoulder Press: 40×10. These hurt my injury so I tried barbell.
  3. Push Press (H): 45×12, 65×5, 80×5, 95×3, 110×3, 125×3. I didn’t do the top set of 140 lbs because after the last set I started to feel it.

TOTALS: 13 sets. 90 Reps. 12,147 LBS.

I probably could of done some brocurls, but all the other bros were doing just that. I didn’t want to be the fifth guy to do them and not only that, I really am not motivated to train biceps. Was a time I loved bicep training, but since becoming a powerlifter, the desire is just not there.

All-in-all it was a great workout. I left feeling renewed and in less pain then when I started. I did dedicated some time to foam rolling and stretching (and lots of banded face pullers) so that always leaves me feeling good. I plan on training again Saturday morning.


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