Tuesday Workout: 2A

Rough night last night. Back hurt from god-knows-what and had to sleep on the couch which works just fine. Overslept… but, I got the coffee brewed and I got in.

  1. Squat (L): 135×10, 150×10, 185×8, 225×12 (AMRAP), 150×15 (FSLS).
  2. Seated DB Press: 35×12, 45×10, 50×10, 55×8, 60×5.
  3. DB Side Lateral Raise: 12x3x12. I superset banded face pulls with these.
  4. DB Brocurls: 20×20, 25×15, 30×12, 35×10, 40×8. In powerlifting there is not much room for aesthetic work, but with this chest injury I don’t have many choices. Well, the boys will be ready for the beach this year at least.
  5. Cable Tricep Pushdowns: 35×20, 35x3x12. I also superset cable kickbacks.
  6. Cable Kickbacks: 10x4x8.

TOTALS: 23+ sets. 257+ reps. 15,587 LBS.

For the squat, 225 lbs is somewhere under 60% of my present training max, I am wearing a belt because with this injury it helps with my overall tightness because I am finding with my chest injured, it’s really difficult to keep my upper body tight.

Heal baby, heal.



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