Wednesday Workout 2B

Pretty drowsy this morning, even as I was warming up, but once I hit 60% the game was afoot.

  1. Squat (H): 135×7, 150×5, 185×5, 225×3, 240×5, 275×5, 315×5.
  2. Leg Extensions: 100×8,8,9,8. Meh. Not going to do these again. Dumb.
  3. BB Shrugs: 135×12, 225x4x8, 245×6, 255×4.
  4. DB Side Lateral Raises: 12x3x12. Superset with:
  5. Standing DB Flyes: 12x3x12. Superset with :
  6. Banded Face Pulls: 3×12.

TOTALS:  30 sets. 225 reps. 26,667 LBS.

While I heal, I’m repeating the last 5/3/1 training block just with a lot less volume. This would be week two.

As far as the chest injury, it’s getting slightly better each day. Fingers crossed that I can get back on program in two or three weeks.


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