Thursday Workout 2C

What do you do when your injured and a boo-hoo baby who doesn’t want to train in the morning and not go in? Yeah, that’s right, you make that wretched bitch go for rep PRs. Jerk.

Calling out my home run.

  1. Squat: 135×7, 150×5, 185×5, 225×3, 260×3, 295×13 (rep PR +2), 225×20 FSLS (rep PR +5).
  2. Push Press: 45×12, 65×6, 80×5, 95×5, 110×3, 125×3, 140×7.
  3. Superset:
    A. DB Side Lateral Raises: 12x3x12.
    B. Standing Rear DB Flys: 12x3x12.
    C. Banded Face Pullers: 3×12.
  4. DB Bicep Curls: 25×20, 25×20, 30×13, 35×8.  So boring.
  5. Cable Triceps Pushdowns: 35×20,12,12,12.

TOTALS: 29 sets. 289 reps. 20,204 LBS.

I really was so tempted to bench today. So tempted. Here’s to my better judgement (a first, I know) in not benching. But if I feel up to it, might try a plate on Sunday when I haul my ass back in to squat up to 60% but without any AMRAP.

Anyway, very happy today. I feel like, like, super duper super. 



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