Sunday Workout 2E

Went in a little later today, but I had a mission. Test that bench out.

  1. Bench Press: 45x3x12  (15 seconds apart), 115×9 (felt REALLY heavy), 135×7, 5×165, 3×190, 225×3.
  2. Cable Crossovers: 20x4x10.
  3. Push Press: 45×12, 65×5, 80×5, 95×3, 110×3, 125×3, 140×5, 95x3x10.
  4. Standing Rear Db Flyes: 15×20, 20×16, 25×12, 30×12.

TOTALS: 26 sets, 269 reps. 13,555 lbs.

All-in-all not bad. Chest is a little sore and so is the hamstring. I think I’m just going to a full deload next week, nothing over 60% and hope this is my last week of being injured. The following week, I hope to return to program full strength.  I will need to do something of a reset on bench press and deadlift, but that will be fine. I wanted to compete again in June, but if I’m not quite there, I will compete in July instead.



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