A Wednesday Workout – 4A

Deload weeks oh how I dread you, but then, I have an active workout like today and Wednesday I’m in love.

  1. 1 Mile Walk at 3.5 Warm up.
  2. 25 minutes of Foam rolling and static/dynamic stretching. I prioritize problem areas like hips and the rhomboids of my shoulders.
  3. Dumbbell Clean and Jerks: 3 sets, 45,30,30 seconds. I do these with a jump on each rep at the top.
  4. Lateral 12″ Box Jumps: 3 Sets: 45,45,40 seconds. Love these… Such a quad burn and good work for the hips.
  5. 12″ Box Jumps: 3 Sets, 30 seconds a piece.
  6. Banded Face Pullers: A bunch of them.

I really enjoyed this workout and I will be doing this again. It’s almost fun not going in with a set plan into the gym but with an inclination of what you want to do.


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