Thursday Workout 4B. MWOD: COFFEE

Woke a little later than usual and as I was having my PWO coffee, I thought, what the heck will I do today since I am still not on program? That’s when I decided to plunder ideas from CF and I came up with this. I call it Matt’s Workout of the Day: Coffee™.

As many rounds possible in 15 minutes:

  1. Barbell Thrusters. 45 pound barbell: 10 reps.
  2. 1- Arm Dumbbell Snatches.  20 pounds: 5 reps. (I will go heavier next time.)
  3. Jump Squats: 5 reps.

I did 6 breathless rounds in 15:12 minutes (last three rounds broken) and I will tell you I am no Rich Froning. Heck, I am not even Rich Froning’s brother’s sister’s cousin housekeeper’s mailman.

I decided on these movements for a couple of reasons. First, crossover to powerlifting. Secondly they address concerns I have in my own athletic performance. Lastly, I will be introducing Olympic lifting (for the explosiveness) slowly this summer and placing in a cross training day on Sunday starting next week, and this (like all the Push Presses I have been doing) will prepare me for that.

All-in-all, this killed me, but I enjoyed the fuck out it. Give it a try and see if you can keep up –or exceed– Captain Greyballz here.


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