Sunday Workout 4D

Cold again in the garage so I puttered around while the woefully undersized space heater did its job and the sun outdoors did its job.

  1. Squat (M): 135×8,8, 150×5, 185×5, 225×5, 260×3, 295×9, 225×12. These were harder than I expected.
  2. Front Squat: 135×8,8,8,12.
  3. DB Thrusters: 25×12,12,19.
  4. 10 min METCON:
    A. 18″ Box Jumps: 15 reps
    B. Combo DB Squat Curls: 10 reps. (Hinge action with a brocurl. Everybody wins!) I went for 4 rounds. These killed me. My hips were dying after the second round of Box Jumps.

TOTALS: 19 Sets, 175 Reps, 25,455 lbs. 75 mins.

Not sure if I am going to train in the garage next work-week. The temp out there has to be at least 50 degrees for me to consider getting work in, otherwise it takes too long to get warmed up and the garage warmed-up. The new program, minding my injuries and goals starts Tuesday. Yesterday and today will help me tweak what I’ve composed so far and have it refined and ready to go next week.


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