New Program: Spring Time Grind

This wasn’t easy because I am injured and ambitious, but I think this is something I can run in the meantime as I heal the chest.


  1. Let the chest heal. Continue to train with 5/3/1 where warranted.
  2. Address the weaknesses in my deadlift, specifically my hamstring.
  3. Incorporate some Olympic lifting moves.
  4. Improve GPP and athleticism.

Screen Shot 2016-04-18 at 1.26.24 PM

To that end, I’ve knocked off 20 lbs from my deadlift max (525 to 505) and 10 pounds from my bench press max (315 to 305). With bench press, I won’t be going over 60% of my training max and volume way down. Why am I even bothering benching with an injured chest? I don’t want to lose my groove!

As with last program I will continue to train squat three times a week and deadlift once. Bench press, as described above, is only once a week where it was once three times a week. Other than all the Metcon stuff (which will also help me cut a little for summer), biggest addition are barbell thrusters. I dig these and am excited to learn this lift. Also, I added in the snatch-grip deadlift to work on my hamstring activation and to build my upper back more (to help my bench press).

I start tomorrow, and when I deload, no strongman stuff this time around.


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