051C – 351 -SPR

Overslept. Hopped out of bed, made coffee as I got dressed, grabbed a protein bar, and made my way into the garage. I should have taken that as a sign and just stayed in bed — everything was off and I didn’t even touch half of the work scheduled. After that first thruster set, I decided that I would have to work more on the technique, because I ain’t found shit.

  1. BB Thruster: 65×6,10,6,9,5, 85×5.
  2. DB Hang Squat Cleans: 25x…. my set/s reps didn’t record. 4 sets?

TOTALS: 6 sets, 41 total reps, 2,815 LBS.

Extremely frustrating session this morning: I couldn’t get my body to follow the cues to do these movements correctly! I am pretty aware of what I am doing wrong. For example with the thruster, I should be breaking at the hips first (just like I squat) and getting a better shrug at the top before the press with more drive from my hips. I am not. For fucksake, I can front squat and I can push press – I should be able to do this. Same goes for the Hang Squat Cleans — what neutral spine? Hello? I feel like that awkward tween at his first middle school dance sharing the floor with a girl for the first time. Zits are attractive right?

Never anticipated that it would be this difficult to learn these lifts. I want to give up, but I won’t — so I will press on and make these lifts my bitch. Damn my injured chest! I should be bench pressing! I’m a powerlifter for crissakes.

Anyway, watch the video. Just watch it already. I feel humiliated, so if you have recommendations, please leave some gentle ones below as I go off to find a sympathetic shoulder or deep mug of beer to sob into. (Probably beer.)



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