051D – 351 – SPG

Too cold this morning to train in the garage gym, so I went to the Anytine in Oconomowoc for a change of pace.

  1. Deadlift: 135x2x7, 180x2x5, 225×5, 275×3, 320×3, 365×3, 410×7, 320×11. 
  2. Snatch grip deadlift from blocks: 135×10, 185x4x8, 275×4.
  3. Barbell Rows: 135x3x10, 185x2x8. 
  4. 10 Min. Loaded Carry Medley 5 rounds: 95 farmers walk, 45 lb overhead plate carry.

TOTALS: 21 Sets, 102 Reps, 23,735 lbs.

Made the rep goal on my deadlift top set of 7. I had at least one in me, however the hamstring is still a little tender so I didn’t  want to push it and risk injury.

Nice session today. I really enjoyed the loaded carry “medley” as my finisher to the annoyed patrons around me.


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