052A – 351 – SPG

Decided not to freeze in the garage gym this morning so it was a return to the gym. Probably going to be here all week.

  1. Squat (L): 135×7, 150×5, 185×5, 225×12, 135×15.
  2. Bench Press (H): 110×5, 135×5, 165×3, 180×5, 205×5, 235×5, 180×15.
  3. Bent-Over DB Flyes: 25×12, 50x4x8.
  4. 10 Min. Metcon: 4 rounds.
    A. Lateral Box Jumps: 15 reps
    B. DB Push Jerks: 20×19.

TOTALS: 26 sets, 232 reps, 17,615 LBS.

Bench felt much better today — like my groove was almost back which means I felt much stronger as the mechanics of the lift were working in my favor instead of against me. And those finisher Metcons, I am not making any progress on them as they totally kick my ass.


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