052C – 351 – SPG

Driving back from the office yesterday, I decided that now my chest injury has almost turned the corner and with a meet in July I intend to do, does it make much sense to continue learn thrusters? No. I need to get my bench groove back.

  1. Bench Press: 95×16, 115×12, 135x10x10. Paused each rep. Superset with…
  2. Barbell Rows: 135×10, 150×5, 170×5, 135x6x10.
  3. Standing DB Push Press: 25×10, 45x4x8.
  4. DB Rows: 100×8,7.

TOTALS: 29 sets, 272 Reps 31,340.

Skipped the Metcon and didn’t have the will to finish the rest of my sets on dumbbell rows, but considering I just did like a thousand bench presses and rows, I thought it would be okay.  I didn’t really sleep very well last night either and I more than accomplished what I set out to do this morning.

But, I will say, my bench groove did feel pretty familiar as I made sure to hit the same spot on my chest and lockout over and over again so that I could trust in that sweet bar path confidently.


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