When the broceps calls, you must curl them

Couldn’t sleep to my normal non-training alarm time, so I got up and figured, hit the gym. Because I didn’t have anything scheduled for today, I might as well as work them beach muscles.

  1. Superset 01:
    A. Inverted Rows: 10,12,12,10,10,12. (Due to injury: chins & pull-ups not possible.)
    B. KettleBell Swings: 25x6x12.
    C. Banded Face Pullers (Blue): 6 sets and whole mess of reps.
  2. Standing EZ Bar Curl: 75×11, 45x4x10. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that 75 lbs was very heavy. Decided to cut the weight down and just go slow and concentrate on the contraction. One minute rest.
  3. Alternate Incline DB Curls: 25×25,20×23,15×20, 12×30, 40×10. Dropsets. No rest.
  4. Superset 02:
    A. Cable Curl: 30×10, 35×10, 42.5×8, 50×8, 30×16. (6-8 second eccentric)
    B. Cable Press-downs:  35×12, 42.5×18, 50×12, 52.5×8, 35×20.
  5. Reverse hyperextension: 16,12,12,9. (30 second rest.)

Wow, those reverse hyperextensions have never felt better and its been about a year since I last did them. My body was tight, my hips got a good snap, and I really worked my glutes/hammies. I think its all the jump training and the addition of KB swings. Its like I get it now.


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