053B – 351 – SPG

Is it possible to have an “iron flu?” Because after yesterday’s 120 bench press rep odyssey I certainly feel like it — not too mention all that melatonin I took last night which only seems to have made matters worse. Wasn’t the greatest day in the gym because not only did I have Iron Flu and at a gym I rarely lift at, I forgot my hat, and smashed the screen on my spare iPhone which I use to record my lifts.

  1. Squat (H): 135×7,7, 150×5, 185×5, 225×3, 275×5, 315×3, 350×6, 275×10. I was concentrating on my cues and it felt like I was pushing through my toes instead of my heels. Otherwise, other than the last rep, they were pretty good. 
  2. Push Press (H): 45×12, 65×5, 80×5, 95×3, 120×5, 135×3, 150×7, 120×10. (+1 rep on top heavy set.)
  3. Seated DB Press: 40x4x8.
  4. Shoulder Superset:
    A. DB Side Lateral Raise: 10×20,20,12.
    B. DB Front Raise: 10×15,12,12.
    C. Banded Face Pullers (Blue): 3×12,12,18.

TOTALS:30 sets, 227 reps, 18,471 lbs.

Feeling really beat. May not train tomorrow morning and save myself up for heavy deadlifts on Saturday. If I do train it won’t be anything heavier than 70% on squats and bench. Oh, and speaking of bench press, my chest DOMS are not that bad actually.


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