053E – 351 – SPG

At first I wasn’t going to do this workout today, but after yesterday, I felt pretty good so I figured get in some heavy work and finish off this program and deload next week. I didn’t push it too much today, and took my time between sets so I ended up leaving some work, but all-in-all I got what I needed to do.

  1. Front Squat (H): 115×7,5, 140×5, 170×3, 215×5, 240×3, 270×8, 215×10. Exceeded rep goal +2. Top set moved awesomely.
  2. Bench Press: 115×7, 135×5, 165×3, 190×5, 225×3, 245×7, 190×12. Bench moved okay. I went heavier than 80% on top set.
  3. Barbell Row: 135×5, 150×5, 170×5, 190×10, 150×12. Missed rep goal by 2.

TOTALS: 20 sets, 154 reps, 29,260 LBS.

The only downside today was the douche-bag meathead throwing his weights around. When you walk around puffed out and throw the weights from the dumbbell rack to the floor, you are douche-bag. Utter contempt for those who act like they’re a badass with light weights.

I fart in your general direction, asshole.



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