The Half-Murph Pre-Flight WOD

One of the local CF gyms (where I’ve worked out before with) put out an invite on Facebook to run the Murph on Memorial Day. I asked if I could join and in and they said yes! Totally pumped to do this! Anyway, I decided  that I should run a pre-flight and since I was looking for a WOD to do this morning, I did just that.

After some rolling and dynamic stretching, I got to work.

  1. 1/2-Mile Run: 5.56 mins.
  2. Pull-ups: 6,4 • 5,5,5 •  5,5,5 • 5,4 = 49. Dang! Miscounted! Some of these were strict and some were kipped. I had to pull strict at first (because that’s what I know) and as I fatigued I needed to kip.
  3. Push-ups: 25 • 25 • 25 • 25 = 100. These were the easiest.
  4. BW Squats: 50 • 25 • 30 • 45 =150. Not hard, but requires pacing.
  5. 1/2-Mile Run: Just couldn’t. Dead meat.

TIME: 41.20.

No world-records here, but I am very pleased with my performance for a couple of reasons and have these take-aways:

  1. I can’t remember the last time I actually jogged for any distance and I felt pretty good. Need to remember to stretch my calves more – shins were hurting.
  2. Its been OVER TWO YEARS since I last did a pull-up because of injuries! I’m not very efficient in them, but I did 49 of them today! That’s a victory! And kipping is very useful pull-up variation  as it can teach you leg/hip drive which is not only important for the weightlifter, but for the powerlifter — think bench press here guys.
  3. Sleep more than 4 hours and eat more than a banana before running the full WOD.
  4. I had to refine my rep/set strategy as I went, but that’s okay.

When Memorial Day Monday comes I will be hard pressed to complete the Murph within an hour and the pull-ups are going to be difficult. I am under no illusion that I can beat a CrossFitter at their own game (with my specified powerlifting programming), but this Metcon’s appeals to me more any sort of sustained cardio and as a powerlifter every exercise here has great crossover to my sport.

Gonna run this half Murph again on Sunday.


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