050 – Extra Work

I decided to test max front squat. Before the first clip of a 335xFAIL, I did 315 which was my old max. The second clip is 320×1, which is a a modest 5 lbs gain and a PR. It moved easier than it looked and I probably should have attempted 325.

  1. Front Squat: 135×7,5, 225×5, 275×3, 295×1, 315×1, 335×0, 320×1, 225x4x8.
  2. Bench Press: 135×7,7, 185×5, 205×5, 225×3, 245×2, 275×1, 285×1, 300×0, 185x4x8.
  3. Superset:
    A. DB Floor Press: 70x4x8.
    B. Chin-ups: 6,6,6,6.
  4. Reverse Hyperextension: 25×16, 35×12, 45×9,9.

I am not disappointed with the front squat max, but the bench press max. I’ve successfully benched paused 305 on the platform so I was kinda hoping to get close with a 300 lbs. I should have asked one of the bros for a lift-off. Oh yeah, earlier that morning, I had trained cleans and took some video, but I am not ready to share that yet as I am still working on it — I will say, it was very difficult for my first attempt.

Next week begins a new training block leading up to a meet on July 13th. Cant wait! It will be my first meet since February and the chest injury and I am going to go in with modest expectations.


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